Stikkord: <span>beat-poesi</span>

Enda en versjon av Tim Minchins helt fantastiske og skepsis-orgasmiske beat-poesi, Storm. Se den!

Snart blir den også animasjonsfilm – og jeg skal se dens premiere 16. oktober på TAM London – yey!

En liten preview:

Og her er hele teksten:


Inner North London, top floor flat
All white walls, white carpet, white cat,
Rice Paper partitions
Modern art and ambition
The host’s a physician,
Lovely bloke, has his own practice
His girlfriend’s an actress
An old mate from home
And they’re always great fun.
So to dinner we’ve come.

The 5th guest is an unknown,
The hosts have just thrown
Us together for a favour
because this girl’s just arrived from Australia
And has moved to North London
And she’s the sister of someone
Or has some connection.

As we make introductions
I’m struck by her beauty
She’s irrefutably fair
With dark eyes and dark hair
But as she sits
I admit I’m a little bit wary
because I notice the tip of the wing of a fairy
Tattooed on that popular area
Just above the derrière
And when she says “I’m Sagittarien”
I confess a pigeonhole starts to form
And is immediately filled with pigeon
When she says her name is Storm.

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Alternativ medisin Humor Kunst Media Skepsis

Som et lite apropos til forrige bloggpost reposter jeg det geniale diktet Storm, denne gangen i en ny video hvor man får se Tim Minchin fremføre det.

Flottere enn dette blir det nesten ikke.

Humor Kunst Skepsis