Stikkord: <span>gas dynamics</span>

Noam Chomsky forklarer hvorfor han ikke tror det var noen konspirasjon i forbindelse med 9/11.

Og er du en “troende” bør du kanskje lese disse tre artiklene skrevet av Manuel Garcia

a native New Yorker who works as a physicist at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California with a PhD Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering, from Princeton His technical interests are generally in fluid flow and energy, specifically in gas dynamics and plasma physics; and his working experience includes measurements on nuclear bomb tests, devising mathematical models of energetic physical effects, and trying to enlarge a union of weapons scientists.

Del 1: We See Conspiracies That Don’t Exist – The Physics of 9/11
Del 2: We See Conspiracies That Don’t Exist – The Thermodynamics of 9/11
Del 3: The Fall of WTC 7 – Dark Fire

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