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This is an English translation of the Norwegian article written by a blogger who wants to remain anonymous. The original Norwegian article was taken down from the blog it was posted on due to threats and harrassements from the organization Sjokoservice Norge, a story you can read all about in my blog post Xocai – the nasty tale of a Norwegian chocolate mafia.

Thanks to Marcus Glenton Prescott for the translation!

Note from Marcus: This article is translated to be as close as possible to the original version from 2010. With the exception of editor’s notes (marked with [ ]) I have not changed anything other than the language.

30 things you should investigate before you start as a Xocai distributor

Revet sjokolade 300x225Xocai is a chocolate sold in Norway through direct sales/MLM. The chocolate supposedly has incredible health bringing properties and is made in a special, unique and secret way. [We]’ve looked a little more closely at some of these claims to see whether there’s anything to them and contacted 15 Norwegian distributors in an attempt to clarify some of the following points. Unfortunately none of them wished to shed light on the claims.

Here you can find 30 things you should think about before starting up with Xocai. If you have any information that could help clarify it would be much appreciated if you could leave a comment.


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  • If cocoa contains high levels of antioxidants, this does not mean that our bodies can make use of them. “The amount that is absorbed into the body is low” according to Wikipedia. Bruswick Lab, itself often mentioned in the marketing materials, says “The ORAC assays are performed in vitro, in the test tube, and therefore do not determine the bioavailability within the body”.
  • On their website MXI write: “We were told that it would take two weeks to complete the testing and the cost would be $5,000”. This seems like a marginal cost to a company like MXI, with revenue over a billion U.S. dollars. This test is a major part of the marketing of their products. It seems natural that they would allow other independent labs test the product.

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