Stikkord: <span>Huckleberry Trail</span>

VT KillerEn ateist og professor ved Viriginia Tech svarer på påstander fra en annen professor om at ateister ikke har noe å stille opp med når de står ansikt til ansikt med en tragedie som drapene ved Viriginia Tech. Les hele hans svar, men la meg friste med en liten teaser av veltalenhet:

I know that brutal death can come unannounced into any life, but that we should aspire to look at our approaching death with equanimity, with a sense that it completes a well-walked trail, that it is a privilege to have our stories run through to their proper end. I don’t need to live forever to live once and to live completely. It is precisely because I don’t believe there is an afterlife that I am so horrified by the stabbing and slashing and tattering of so many lives around me this week, the despoliation and ruination of the only thing each of us will ever have.

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