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John W Lofthus har lagt frem noe han kaller The Outsider Test for Faith (OTF) som kort kan oppsummeres slik:

Test your beliefs as if you were an outsider to the faith you are evaluating.

Enkelt, men likevel komplekst nok til at han har tonnevis av bloggposter om det, såvel som en hel bok om OTF. I den anledning blogget Lofthus nylig følgende lille utdrag fra boken, og det syntes jeg var relevant for mange av diskusjonene som går i denne bloggen hver gang jeg skriver noe kritisk om religion eller tro. Sitatet nedenfor forklarer også hva skeptisisme er på en veldig fin måte:

When Christians ask if I have taken the outsider test for my own “belief system,” I simply say “yes I have, that’s why I’m a non-believer.”

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Anthropological studies show us that religion and culture are almost synonymous. Sociological studies confirm it when we look at the geographical distribution of religion. Psychological studies show we are self-centered gullible people who believe what we were initially taught and that we believe what we prefer to be true. They show us we are ignorant of our own ignorance. The conclusion is that given these scientific disciplines we should all be skeptics. We should trust the sciences even if they are sometimes fallible because there is no other way out of such a morass. The ONLY reason this is controversial is because believers know it undermines the rationality of what they believe. They kick against the goads not to join us and be skeptics.

fra Debunking Christianity av John W. Lofthus.

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En av folkene bak nettstedet Debunking Christianity, den tidligere kristne presten John W Lofthus, har skrevet en ganske omfattende oversikt over argumentene mot kristendom:

Despite his seminary roots, John Loftus has come to conclude that Christianity cannot be reasonably defended on the basis of the available evidence. In this overview of his reasons for ultimately rejecting the Christian faith, Loftus considers a variety of sociological, philosophical, scientific, biblical, and historical facts, explaining why he is now an atheist and what it means for him to live life without God. His approach does not proceed from any internal theological inconsistencies, but rather from inconsistencies between theological ideas and the empirical reality in which we find ourselves. He ultimately concludes that all modern, civilized, educated, and scientifically literate persons should reject Christianity, and that a proper skeptical attitude toward religion, informed by modern science, yields a tentative naturalism subject to potential falsification by better evidence.

Jeg har ikke rukket å lese alt ennå, men skal gjøre det så snart jeg kan.

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Historien om hvordan og hvorfor Lofthus gikk fra kristen forkynner til ateist kan du lese her.

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