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Jeg mottok i går en kommentar under min bloggpost «LDN – mirakelkur eller luftslott?». Jeg velger å gjengi kommentaren i sin helhet:

I had to use Google-translate to read the site properly, and I’m sad to have wasted my time.

This blog-entry is one of the crappier posts I have read about LDN, and so is the outdated (2010) article by «Steven Novella», which you so eagerly cite. Steven Novella refused to change his article over time when new research results came along. In fact he also stopped the comment-section after 12 days, so no further discussion could be continued after may 2010. As his page is pretty high on the Google-ranking for LDN, that means a lot of people get very outdated information. Apart from Steven Novellas ideas, you continue rambling about your owb skeptical feelings – which granted I had too before doing actual research.

Anyway, your article was published 3 years later, and it seems you did not bother doing actual research. For example looking at the 81(!) scientific publications/trials which have been done or are in progress at the moment (2014):

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