Stikkord: <span>Malin Bring</span>

As part of the European Immunization Week I was asked to publish a blog post about vaccines, as this is a topic I have written extensively about, and also travelled around Norway and other European countries to talk about for lay people and health authorities.

A while ago the World Health Organization (WHO) did an interview with me which today has been published here. You can both read the text and listen to the audio.

The following is a blog post I originally published in Norwegian back in October 2014, but with the help of freelance journalist Malin Bring, who has been hired by WHO to work on this project, I can now present this English version. Some of the links are unfortunately in Norwegian, but I have linked to Google Translate versions of the blog posts and articles.

It is an honour for me to be part of this important campaign to promote vaccines, and I hope you’ll enjoy the read and also read and listen to the interview on the WHO’s website.

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