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Et klassisk etisk dilemma. Er dette riktig eller galt?

I am a single father of a twenty one year old son named Mustafa who suffers from severe cerebral palsy. I have since the birth of Mustafa been intricately involved in his care and upbringing. Although Mustafa is seriously debilitated by his condition and faces enormous challenges in his life I have through a daily ritual of dedication, love, care and with abundance of patience been able to provide an environment of happiness and comfort, equal to that of any normal child.


My closeness to my son as well as my philosophy of life (secular humanism) and together with a reasonable understanding of what constitutes a healthy human being has allowed me to provide not only the wellbeing of my son physically and emotionally but sexually as well. I came to realise a few years ago that my son underwent the stage of puberty like all normal children and had sexual desires similar to all normal boys of his age. It came naturally in the development and care of my son to MASTURBATE him in order to relieve his sexual desires.

Masturbation is well documented as medically proven for the well being, physically and emotionally of every human being. It is a natural development for all human beings to indulge in from the onset of puberty. Masturbation gives great pleasure and relieves sexual tension. After masturbating him my son would express his pleasure and relief as all normal teenagers do. I doubt that any human being does not engage in masturbation at some stage in his or her life but if any person takes a conscientious decision not to masturbate it indicates a psychological problem on the part of the person and not with the act of masturbation.

Personlig har jeg vanskelig for å se noe galt i dette. Det hadde vel likevel vært bedre for sønnen om en kvinne (eller annen mann om han var homofil) ville gjøre jobben, slik man har foreslått (og praktisert?) enkelte steder ovenfor handicappede mennesker og pensjonister. Men når dette tilbudet ikke er tilgjengelig synes jeg farens handling er av nobel karakter.

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