Stikkord: <span>Oasis</span>

Jeg har skrevet om Amanda Palmer før, og det er umulig å ikke like en dame som lager en slik sang og video:

Og alle er visst ikke like fornøyde med at hun harselerer med abort, religion og voldtekt. Men Amanda slår tilbake i sin blogg.

Her er forresten teksten:

when i got to the party
they gave me a fourty
and i must’ve been thirsty
cause i drank it so quickly

when i got to the bedroom
there was somebody waiting
and it isn’t my fault
that the barbarian raped me

when i went to get tested
i brought along my best friend
melissa mahoney
who had once been molested

and she knew how to get there
she knew all the nurses
they were all really friendly
but the test came out positive


I’ve seen better days but i don’t care
I just sent a letter in the mail

when i got my abortion
i brought along my boyfriend
we got there an hour
before the appointment

and outside the building
there were all these annoying
fundamentalist christians
we tried to ingore them


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