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Denne videoen av ni beagle-hunder som fikk kjenne gress under føttene for første gang, har gått sin seiersgang i sosiale medier og i de store norske nettaviser. Dagbladets DBTV skriver:

Beagle Freedom Project reddet nylig ni hunder fra et labratorium i Nevada, USA, hvor de hele sitt liv har blitt brukt som forsøksdyr for sminke, medisiner og rengjøringsmiddel.

Andre steder kan vi lese:

As a part of the Beagle Freedom Project, these dogs were rescued from horrific living situations. The beagles had spent their entire existence as test subjects in a laboratory, and now get to be outdoors for the very first time in their lives.

Huffington Post skriver:

The pups appear apprehensive at first, having spent their entire lives behind bars.

ABC13 presenterer videoen slik:

What if you were locked in a cage for your entire life? You’ve never felt the warmth of the sun, or breathed in fresh air. That’s life for a beagle who is trapped for lab testing, until the Beagle Freedom Project saves them.

Beagle Freedom Project skriver følgende på sine egne nettsider:

On Monday May the 5th (Cinco de Mayo) BFP rescued 9 beagles from a Nevada area lab and introduced them to a new life, their new families, and freedom in the gorgeous backyard of a Las Vegas supporter.

Og videre:

This is an understandable anxiety built up after years of violence and trauma.

For ikke å snakke om:

The Las Vegas media was on hand to document these first few monumental moments and help us tell the stories of laboratory survivors.

Under YouTube-videoen de postet på sin egen kanal, skriver de:

On May 6, 2014, Beagle Freedom Project rescued nine beagles from a laboratory in Nevada. Until this day, these beagles had never known a kind touch, been loved or felt safe.

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