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I’ve been diagnosed with a brain tumour, the op is pretty risky & I’ll have around 6 months if I don’t have it done. I think it’s better to go out with a bang than a whimper & make the most of the time I have left instead of spending it in a hospital bed.

The big question is, where to go & what to see and do

This is post #666 for me, & I always intended for it to be my last one. Seems fairly appropriate that it could have been my last post whether I wanted it to be or not.

It’s been fun.

Slik lyder et innlegg på den litt rare og lugubre nettsiden Sensible Erection som jeg har fulgt i flere år. Svarene fra andre lesere er interessante. Et av de første lyder slik:

My father just 3 years ago was diagnosed with a brain tumor and he went the surgery route and it was ultimately a mistake. My last few moments with him were raddled, confused and seizure ridden.

As for where and what to do:
Southeast asia. The last place on earth that there is still magic.

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