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I’ve been diagnosed with a brain tumour, the op is pretty risky & I’ll have around 6 months if I don’t have it done. I think it’s better to go out with a bang than a whimper & make the most of the time I have left instead of spending it in a hospital bed.

The big question is, where to go & what to see and do

This is post #666 for me, & I always intended for it to be my last one. Seems fairly appropriate that it could have been my last post whether I wanted it to be or not.

It’s been fun.

Slik lyder et innlegg på den litt rare og lugubre nettsiden Sensible Erection som jeg har fulgt i flere år. Svarene fra andre lesere er interessante. Et av de første lyder slik:

My father just 3 years ago was diagnosed with a brain tumor and he went the surgery route and it was ultimately a mistake. My last few moments with him were raddled, confused and seizure ridden.

As for where and what to do:
Southeast asia. The last place on earth that there is still magic.

Eller den motsatte innstilling:

Get the operation. There is only life, and nothing else. Unless you’re a sad sack who really feels like your consciousness is not worth preserving as long as possible, GET THE FUCKING OPERATION.

Når det gjelder å få mest mulig ut av de siste månedene av livet, så har vi folk som tenker stort:

But if I were you and playing for keeps…

Borrow lots of money.
Run away with it to south east Asia.
Hump/Marry a ridiculously hot/young person/peoples.
Write a list of things you want to do but never did…
(sky diving/bungie jumping/Sex/drugs/fights.
Try to smuggle ridiculous amounts of drugs into the US and give the proceeds to people you love. (pay off that loan also!)

If you get caught, maybe you’ll get free healthcare in a white collar prison?
I’d say prison- with a grip of stories, if a good list finisher if you do happen to get caught.

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