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Fra Skepchick. Mine svar er i kursiv.

1. Do you have a beard?

A: Yes, a full beard
B: Yes, a goatee or other small beard
C: No, but I used to have one
D: No, I have never had a beard

2. Do you think Phil Plait is hot?

A: Yes (I am a man)
B: Yes (I am a woman)
C: No (I am a man)
D: No (I am a woman)

3. Your colleague forwards an email that looks like an urban legend. Do you

A: Immediately check it on Snopes then hit ‘Reply To All’ with the link and a witty but biting comment?
B: Check it on Snopes and reply only to the colleague?
C: Google it for your own curiosity but say nothing.
D: Forward it to everyone you know with the comment “OMG!!! SCARY!!”.

4. Which of these books is your ideal holiday read?

A: Carl Sagan’s The Demon-Haunted World
B: Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
C: Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People
D: Sylvia Browne’s Contacting Your Spirit Guide

5. Have you met Michael Shermer?

A: I am Michael Shermer
B: Yes I have met Michael Shermer
C: No I have not met Michael Shermer
D: Who is Michael Shermer?

6. Your friends regard you as

A: A know-it-all cynic who always bangs on about evidence and logical fallacies
B: A smartypants who likes to know the facts before deciding
C: A knowledgeable person who keeps their opinions to themselves until appropriate
D: Friends?

7. You are lying in bed and you feel an eerie chill. Do you

A: Call a glazier
B: Call the dog
C: Call a TV crew
D: Call your agent

8. You meet a man who claims he can speak to your dead relatives. Do you

A: arrange a double-blind test, an application to the Million Dollar Challenge, and close examination by Richard Wiseman
B: arrange a quick trip to the nearest shrink
C: arrange his face into a bloodier one
D: arrange a six-figure book deal with you as co-author

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